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About Us

A registered Not for Profit Company (NPC) run entirely by volunteers, the campaign goal is "Raising Awareness, Saving Lives" for all two-wheel road users.

Think Bike’s principal focus can be distilled into four main aims:

  • Encourage all road users to be on the lookout for two wheel road users
  • Educate all motorcyclists and cyclists about safe and responsible road usage
  • Inform first time riders about the importance of proper riding skills training and defensive riding techniques
  • Motivate all bikers to wear the correct protective gear

Help us make a difference

If you're a biker or a cyclist, or have a loved one that rides, why not join our campaign?

For only R190 per year, your contribution can help us further the drive for safer roads! See our the Membership  section for more details.


What's in it for me?


As a member you will benefit from discounts we have negotiated with various business.

Do I have to do anything as a member?

Apart from contributing funds by paying your annual R190 that we hope will ultimately lead towards the creation of a safer riding environment, there is no other time or effort requirement from your side.

Hang around

There is more to Think Bike than you might think, so take a moment to explore our site  – it's full of interesting information for anybody who's into safety!